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Well that is what she tells me. She has a new Masters in Economics with no job. She is foreign on a student visa. She is not pretty but has a very good figure. In her country, all her class speak perfect upper crust London England English and arranged marriages is the norm. Her country was part of the British Empire 150 years ago. She has taken a real liking to me.

Her family talked her back home to meet her arranged husband. She does not like him. No chemistry she says. She wants to come back to the states with me. I think this has gotten to be too much trouble. She wants me to come to her or pay her way back. I know what she wants, a green card.

So I have been reading up on women that are still virgins at 25. Just about every write up states they are not worth the trouble. That nine times out of ten things do not go well the night of the first time.

Her parents wanted her to sleep with her arranged husband a few days before marriage to see if that will change her mind. I am thinking the same thing. Let him do the work.

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Dude you don't have to marry her, just say you will, f**k her and then say bye!

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What a whole lot of BS.

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Quote from _Cham:
What a whole lot of BS.

Believe me or not, it does seem guys today what women that know what they are doing. One woman even made a comment that after she started having sex with one guy for about three weeks and another for a month, she knew how to take care of her "under area" before she got into bed with a man. Something virgins have no idea of doing or so she says.