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rencontre chanson val cenis We make our own future.
by prostituées dans gta iv at 10/18/2016 3:22:58 PM

Have you ever felt that you had no control over your future? That you didn't have a choice? Like your path in life has been led by others?
Perhaps someone did something in your past that makes you act a certain way, like you're blaming them even though it happened in your past but you just can't get over it and it seems like everything you do in life just can't get any better. Or maybe you witnessed something that seems to have changed something in you.

The thing is, no one has that kind of control over your future, it is your own path that leads you to where ever you are on your way to your future. You can't find a job because of this or that reason, you can't find love for this or that reason. You can't do certain things because of this or that reason and so forth. The thing is YOU CAN you just have to stop giving up. Find another way. If a blind man can't see, does that mean he gives up because he can't see? No he finds A Way So see Instead Of using His eyes. Does a woman who can't have children stop trying? No she adopts, gets into foster care, she helps kids that are around the world without parents. Does someone overweight give up? Perhaps, but they don't have to. They can lose that weight, accept their weight, it all starts with putting down that fork or spoon and start looking at what they are eating and decide what they can change, what can they do to overcome this thing they have allowed to control their life. That doesn't mean starve yourself. It simply means to start caring about what they are doing to their body and admit they have a problem and to seek help if needed.
Does someone that is cheated on think they will never find love because they can't trust the opposite sex or maybe they don't think they deserve love? Well thinking that way no, but that doesn't mean give up. Stop putting everyone of the opposite sex down because of the people you've dated did something to you or something. Start accepting that it is because of them you know what not to look for.
There are so many more categories and those that were already stated, there is so much more involved, but each instance is different, but you can overcome every single one. You just need to find the strength in yourself and so much more, but again everyone is different. Only you can decide if those people or things have that kind of power to control your life and future. STOP LIVING ON THE PAST. The path you are on and the future you will have comes down to one thing.. YOU.


prostituées patong
10/19/2016 10:24:10 PM