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by aider une prostituée roumaine at 8/20/2016 6:26:34 PM

So last night I read this 100 page college senior thesis about hook-up culture. Fascinating read. From my own experience, hook-up culture does not disappear once we graduate from college. It remains a part of dating life well into one's 30s and 40s. Men may be afraid of being placed in the friend-zone but there is an equal fear for women of being placed in the f**k-zone.

So the question presented in this college thesis is why would women engage in casual hook-ups or pseudo-relationships which never lead to commitment or a genuine relationship? The answer: lack of options. If the only choices available are casual relationships with men or celibacy, which one do you choose?

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8/20/2016 8:13:21 PM

To f--k or not to f--k that is the question.
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8/20/2016 8:16:54 PM

You are 6ft. of gorgeous.

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8/20/2016 8:31:32 PM

* " hook-up culture does not disappear once we graduate from college." =================================================================================== Was never programed by college, so have no idea what the collage kids think.... They are the me, me, now and fast generation...

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8/20/2016 9:15:49 PM

Hook up never ends..there is no age limit.

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8/20/2016 9:39:55 PM

I was never college educated ether. But I did grow up in the hookup generation of the 70's. Then, I was the odd one, I wanted to stay with one. I still do, for that matter.==================================================== Now, A part of dating is comparing notes with other on the same sex. You know, this works, that doesn't, bla bla bla. I personally don't like other men. They lie, cheat, connive against each other, much like they treat women. I want no part of them. There would be nothing better in my mind, than to connect with one woman that I care about. That way I could walk away from this mess called dating. I don't want new experiences with new people. I hate dating, with a passion. Unless it's with one lady, then I'm fine with it. I want my out card.

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8/20/2016 10:21:27 PM

well OP as your profile states that you are a liberal, they support the breakdown of the family. so you get what you help create.

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8/21/2016 12:57:48 PM

Silly--61 you are right Most of the are so liberal the are to brain dead to even understand what that means.they want there cake your cake my cake and then can't understand why all the cake is spoiled because they miss handled it. And then there is no cake left for anyone to eat.